To set up your Reitz Athletic Account at follow these instructions completely:


** Please note, the people at Eventlink says this has to be done from a computer, not a cell phone at this time.  It seems to especially hate iPhone’s because the final submit button isn’t visible on an iPhone.


Visit and click Create Account.

Find your school by typing in Reitz. Then select IN for the state and click Find Schools.  Then hit the + sign need to Francis Joseph Reitz High School.  The school will then move over to the right side of the screen, then click NEXT.

You will then be asked to create a Registration Profile.  Simply fill it out and click Complete Registration.

It will then have to verify your email or phone number by sending you a code.  Get the code from your email/text and enter the number in the form, followed by clicking Activate.

The email you will get will look like this.  Just copy that activation code to the box above.

The next step will be to set up the calendars you wish to see.  For example, if you are a Reitz Freshman Baseball Player, you should select Baseball (F) and Baseball (F) Practice by clicking the + sign.  The selected will then move over to the right side.  When done, click Save.

You have one more very important final step, which is filling out the 4 forms online about medical and emergency contacts.

Click the Registrations Tab, followed by clicking Available Items.  Click Add a Student.

Fill out the form and select the sport they play.

You will then see the Athlete Registration button to click and then the Forms to fill out will appear.

The 4 forms to be completed will be listed with a Continue button to get started.

Select your students name and click NEXT.

The student-athlete and parents will need to fill out a series of forms together that need online signatures.  After you fill out the 4 forms completely, the parent will be asked to sign one last time and then submit.

You have completed the registration form that will be good for one year from the date signed.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the forms!